Casablanca Rabbits

We may be posting more sale animals until just before convention so please check back.

Transport fee for animals not entered is $25. Any animals not entered in the show will need to be picked up when we arrive at convention on Saturday.

          Show Team                               

Approximately half of the show team will be available at convention.

G.C. Casablanca's Field of Dreams - Sr. Black Doe

Being offered in the 2014 Nationals Fundraiser Auction.

Casablanca's Cool - Jr. Black Buck

Casablanca's Lil Mike - Jr. Black Buck Buck

Casablanca's Posh - Jr. Black Doe

Casablanca's Black Ops - Jr. Black Doe   $175   SOLD

G.C. Cresthill's Jon (broken black) x G.C. Sweet Storm (REW)

1 leg


Casablanca's Rhyme - Jr. Blue Buck   $150   HOLD

G.C. Queen's Big Boss Man (broken blue otter) x My Way's JS (broken blue)

2 legs


G.C. Casablanca's Dione - Sr. Broken Doe

Casablanca's Louisa - Jr. Broken Doe

Casablanca's Chiclet -Jr. Broken Buck

Casablanca's Azalea - Jr. Broken Black Doe

G.C Casablanca's Starry Night - Sr. Black Otter Buck

G.C. Casablanca's Cowgirl - Sr. Black Otter Doe

Casablanca's Austin - Jr. Black Otter Buck   $150   SOLD

G.C. Casablanca's Flynn (black otter) x Ezdaes Texas Lady (broken black otter)


5 legs


Casablanca's Houston - Jr. Black Otter Doe

G.C. Casablanca's Floss - Sr. REW Buck

Casablanca's Tempest - Jr. REW Doe

Casablanca's Irish - Jr. REW Doe   FOR SALE   $200   SOLD

             For Sale

Casablanca's France - Jr. Broken Doe   $150   SOLD

G.C. Casablanca's Bull - Sr. REW Buck   $250   Sold

G.C. Casablanca's Skittles (broken black) x G.C. Casablanca's Rapunzel (black otter)

17 legs 

BIS winner!



G.C. B.C.'s CC - Broken Black   $135   Sold

(BCs Cruz x BCs R483)

May 12, 2011

4 legs

BIS Specialty, BOB, BOS, BOSV 

Casablanca's Rain - Broken Black Buck   $75

G.C. Cresthill's Jon(broken black) x G.C. Casablanca's Tsunami (broken black)

Casablanca's Aster - Jr. Broken Black Buck   $175   SOLD

G.C. Cresthill's Jon (broken black) x G.C. Casablanca's Desert Orchid (broken black)

2 legs

Possible show entry

Casablanca's Lacy - Jr. Castor Doe   $100

G.C. Casablanca's Dreamer - Black Otter Brood Doe   $100   SOLD

8 legs


3rd place Sr. doe at convention

Queen's Bo Peep - Broken Blue Brood Doe   $100

G.C. Kelly's Secrets Out - Black Otter Brood Doe   $100   SOLD

Amy's Sabrina - Castor Brood Doe   $100 SOLD 

King's K66 - REW Brood Doe   $100 SOLD