Casablanca Rabbits

Pet quality bunnies available without pedigree.


Please check out our litters page to see what might be available from recent litters.

We Do Ship!

We do offer shipping. The airlines cost runs around $220.00. Additional costs include: Carrier, vet charges for health cert. and mileage to airport.

Serious inquiries only please!


We have several very nice young rabbits now available in black, broken, otter and REW. Please contact us if you are looking for something specific. We may have some available that are not pictured.

For Sale

Casablanca's High Noon - Broken Black Buck   $100

Casablanca's Pie - Broken Otter   $125

Casablanca's White Buck  $50

 GC Casablanca's Cool x GC Casablanca's Sugar


Casablanca's White Buck - $60

 GC Casablanca's Hyperion x GC Casablanca's Oya


Casablanca's Sausalito - Broken Blue Buck   $60

GC Casablanca's Cool x Casablanca's Bluebell


Sold Animals

Casablanca's Catnip - Broken Doe   SOLD

5 Legs

BOV, BOSV, 1/9, 1/13, 1/9

Casablanca's Otter Doe   $150   HOLD

(Casablanca's Titan x Casablanca's Otter Doe)


Great color and type, nice fur.

Casablanca's Ritz - Broken Doe   $125   SOLD

(G.C. BISS BC's CC x G.C. BIS Queen's One and Only (best colored fur 2012 convention)


Very well balanced and nice fur. Scattered whites in pattern.

G.C. Casablanca's Double Stuff - Broken Sr. Doe   $100   SOLD

 (G.C. King's C3 x G.C. Casablanca's Oreo)


5 Legs


Best in show producer!

Casablanca's Castor Doe   $50

(G.C. Casablanca's Tiger (22 legs) x Adeleke's Meesa)


G.C. Casablanca's Beauty   $60   SOLD

6  Legs

5 BOVs

Litter mate to G.C. Casablanca's Patriot dam of G.C. Casablanca's Lewis. Will throw Tort


Patriot                                  Lewis

Casablanca's Pizzazz - Otter Doe   $100   SOLD

(G.C. HLR's Kevin x G.C. Casablanca's Deja Blu)


13 Legs

2nd Reserve in Show

3 BOB, 2 BOS, 5 BOV, 2 BOSV

Casablanca's London - Broken Otter Doe   $150   SOLD

(G.C. Casablanca's Skittles x G.C. Queen's One and Only)

4 legs


12th Jr. doe at convention

Casablanca's Kiwi - Broken Otter Doe   $60.00   SOLD

Casablanca's Thor - REW Buck   $60.00  SOLD


Casablanca's Rain Man - REW Buck   $200   SOLD

(G.C. HLR's Toes in the Sand x G.C. Casablanca's Halla)


14 Legs 

Casablanca's Crunch - Broken Buck   $125  SOLD

G.C. Casablanca's Skittles x Casablanca's Kiss

Casablanca's REW Doe   $150   SOLD

G.C. Casablanca's Rain Man x G.C. Casablanca's Tsunami

Very promising doe.We are keeping her littermate Hurricane

Casablanca's Heart - Black Doe   $125   SOLD D.S.

G.C. Queens Azule x G.C. Casablanca's Pizazz

Casablanca's Penelope - Otter Doe   $100   SOLD

G.C. Casablanca's Rain Man x G.C. Queen's One and Only

G.C. King's R17   $150.00   SOLD


6 Legs

1 BIS Specialty, 1 BOB, 4 BOSV

Still in show condition 

Compart's C1146   $75.00  SOLD



Casablanca's REW Doe   $65.00   SOLD

Ezdaes/Rogers In the Buff x Compart's C1146


G.C. K.T.'s Worth the Wait - Black Otter   SOLD

(KT'S Center Stage x KT'S Desperado) 

3 G.C. Legs 


I want to thank my good friend Lana Fewell for this awesome guy!

G.C. King's C3 - Black   SOLD

(King's L7(black) x King's L26(broken black))



8 Legs

2 BOS, 3 BOV, 2 BOSV

He's Back! Thanks Adam for letting us bring him back to Texas.

G.C. Casablanca's Patriot - Broken Tort   SOLD

6  Legs

5 BOVs


Casablanca's Banjo - Blue Buck $50.00   SOLD

K.T.'s Prada - Broken Otter    $100.00      SOLD

1 Leg



8th of 31 at Nationals

6th of 27 at Day After Show


Thank you Kathy and Pam for this awesome girl! 

Proven brood doe

Must make room for juniors. 

Would consider selling bred. 

Casablanca's Liberty - Broken Tort


2 Legs

Casablanca's Rebel - Broken Tort Buck


3 Legs


Casablanca's Coconut - Jr REW Buck     For Sale - $100.00   SOLD

(Kelly's Landslide(REW) x Casablanca's Reina(REW))

1 Leg

1st Place Junior Buck 2010 Nationals 

Casablanca's Comet - Broken Castor Buck   $60.00   SOLD

(G.C. K.T.'s Worth the Wait x King's C36)


Casablanca's Bella - Castor Doe   $60.00    SOLD

(Scotcha's GP1 x Scotcha's AF6)


Multiple Grand Champion Producer!

2 Legs


Casablanca's DP   $75.00
Castor Buck     SOLD

(Casablanca's Principe(castor) x Casablanca's Perla(castor))


DOB: 03/27/09

Small buck. Very nice type could use more density. Out produced himself in his very first litter. Keeping his son Jaxx.

Compart's CI61 - Avalanche          FOR SALE   $200.00  SOLD

          FOR SALE

Product of the BOV and BOSV black Mini Rex Nationals 2009.

G.C. Pending




6 Legs



Thank You Compart Family!

Minnow Lake's Rythem - Blue Sr Buck - $200.00

SOLD - Thank You

1st place Jr buck at '09 ARBA Convention.

Cresthill's Jay - Castor Buck

(Higher Ground Axel x Cresthill's BC)

8 GC Legs

2 BOB, 1 BOV, 3 BOSV

3rd Junior buck at ARBA Convention 

1st of 21 Senior bucks at Nationals "Day after show" 

Thank You Sandi Lowry for this awesome buck!